Thanks for helping Crumpet

Crumpet developed symptoms that looked a lot like Feline hyperesthesia following a move from London to York. He was twitching uncontrollably and racing round the house as if trying to get away from the itch. He was also diagnosed with an unrelated heart condition at the same time and avoiding as much stress as possible for him became a huge priority. Jody was absolutely brilliant with him, offering in clinic and then at home acupuncture for him when it became apparent that travelling to the vet was an additional stressor. Feline hyperesthesia is tricky to treat but after five to six months of acupuncture Crumpet has noticeably settled down and the twitches are now very infrequent and much, much less severe than when Jody first saw him. Cats aren’t perhaps the most obvious candidates for acupuncture but she was wonderful with him, letting him dictate the pace of the treatment. He put up with the needles like a champ, and other than being a little sleepy following treatment, there was no other noticeable effect – other than far less twitching! I can’t recommend Jody enough. She was endlessly patient and kind, and really prioritised Crumpet’s well-being throughout.