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Having been diagnosed with both hip and elbow dysplasia at an early age, Zak, our 10 year old Labrador X was beginning to struggle with both pain and mobility.  Despite a change in medication he was still incredibly stiff so our vet recommended for him to try acupuncture.
We were both rather sceptical having never heard of acupuncture for animals.  Zak’s first session went really well! Jody made us all feel at ease – especially Zak and explained the process, possible outcome and answered any questions we had in a very simple easy to understand manner.
During his first session Jody inserted 5 incredibly fine needles into various parts of Zak, all the time talking to, reassuring and making a big fuss of him (which he loved!).
We first noticed a difference the following evening when Zak was much more energetic and seemed to have his ‘bounce’ back.  This was confirmed when he continued like this for the next week!
If for any reason Zak has to wait two weeks between sessions the decline is very noticeable prior to his next session!
Zak absolutely loves his acupuncture sessions and runs to the door to find Jody!  We honestly cannot recommend Jody highly enough and the difference it’s made to Zak’s well-being is amazing.