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Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used to promote wellbeing for thousands of years; since at least 2000 BC. There are now many resources available with detailed advice as to which oils are most suitable for you and your family and it is important to checck how to use them safely. I have online classes available during the current lockdown and will be holding attended classes locally when possible in the future; where we can cover all  of this in more detail. Check out the Events and Blog for the latest info, take a look at my Facebook page @ndthrive or just give me a shout.

Essential oils are not currently defined or regulated by industry so it is important to ensure the quality of any product that you use to ensure its purity.

Aloe Vera

This is the common name for the gel part of the leaf of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant.  It has been used to promote health for thousands of years, with the plant being depicted in some Egyptian temple carvings dated around 4000 BC. The other parts of the plant (known as ‘bitter aloes’) were also used as a purgative historically, these parts are separated in the process of harvesting the aloe vera gel; hand-filleting is the method that preserves the gel in its purest form.  This gel contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and enzymes that have evolved to work synergistically within the plant.  75 nutrients have been identified to date.

Aloe vera gel can be taken internally daily to give your body a concentrated ‘shot’ of these nutrients.  It lacks sweetness and so can be mixed with fruit juice for people if preferred.

Aloe vera can also be applied topically to the skin, either direct from the plant (a mature plant is best > 4years old) or using the ‘gelly’ product. It can also be great when combined with moisturisers and a variety of skin and hair products.

Aloe vera plants also contain natural ‘soaps’ in the form of saponins, which can be extracted and used to make shampoos and hand washes; nothing is wasted and it all comes direct from nature.

Bee Products

Bees make a variety of products that they use to keep the hive and population healthy.  We all know the health benefits of honey, and that is just the start!  All of these products are harvested by Forever Living in a humane way, without the loss of any bee life.  Healthy colonies must be nurtured in ideal conditions, feeding on plants free of chemicals, to produce these products.

Royal jelly is fed to all bee larvae, and the queen bee continues to feed on it exclusively for her whole lifespan.  As a result it has been consumed for many years to ‘promote’ longevity and is also often added to skin products.

Propolis is used to patch and protect the hive from disease.  It is thought to be the key component in making the hive as sterile,  i.e. free from infectious organisms.

Pollen is collected by the bees, along with nectar, it contains at least 96 nutrients in a very concentrated form, including all of the water soluble B vitamins.

Interested in finding out more? ‘Seven Health Secrets from the Hive’ by Charles H. Robson is a really interesting read that pulls together all sorts of early research articles about these products.

Magnets and Water

Magnotherapy has been used for centuries to promote health, many of our grandparents will have worn copper bracelets in older age, which was an early form of magnotherapy.

The health benefits of pure water are well known, and the benefits of drinking enough and keeping our bodies well hydrated. More recently the use of alkalinising water to counteract our acidic diets and the acids produced during exercise has been explored.

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