Thank you.

When my vet first suggested acupuncture as an additional treatment for Baxters arthritis pain I was very sceptical. But the alternative was to try a much stronger pain relief and I didn’t want to go down that road if I could help it. At the time, Baxter needed help to stand after resting, was struggling to go down one step into the garden and had just lost his spark.
I couldn’t believe the difference those magic needles made to my boy. He could get on the sofa again. He instigated play with his doggy pals. I actually had to stop him from overdoing it on occasion. He loves seeing Jody and happily lays down whilst she pops the needles in (with a few treats to distract of course)
Two years on and acupuncture is still keeping my boy happy and mobile. Of course he’s still arthritic and cold weather or over exercise can bring on stiffness, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be and Jody is flexible about fitting in an extra session if I decide he needs it. I┬ádidn’t think Baxter would still be with us at this point, because I thought the increasing pain would mean I’d have to let him go. But he’s surprised us all and I truly believe it’s the acupuncture which has given us back a bouncy stubborn playful boxer. Worth every penny. Thank you Jody.