Covid update: new patients can start treatment

I have been treating my regular canine patients outdoors over the last few months to ensure social distancing; this has gone really well.  As the rules are easing there are now more options, making it possible for me to take on new patients, so please do get in touch and we can find the best way for you and your pet. Speak soon :o) Jody

Great news!

Lily’s owners have just let me know that she is now standing up on her back legs! When we first started her acupuncture treatments, less than a year ago, Lily was very weak on her back legs and was in a buggy for a lot of her walks. She has gradually regained much of her strength on her back legs and is loving life. The first sign of her increased use of her back legs was when she started to use them to scratch her nose.  Next, she started to paw at her owner’s leg for attention (or snacks!) this was a totally new behaviour less than 2 months ago. Now she is standing up on them! Luckily, they sent me this photo so that I can see it for myself. Fantastic progress Lily, you continue to astound us all!